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Why Choose

 And Not the Other Guys?

WT Music & Son
275 Forbes St.
Rahway, NJ 07065
Phone: 732‐388‐1315

Their History and Why It’s Important
WT Music & Son is a third generation family‐owned business that has been around for over 60 years. The Tarnowski family has serviced musical instruments for such great musicians as the Count Basie Band, Clarence Clemons (of Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band), Professor of Jazz Studies Ralph Bowen and many other reputable artists and musical educators. Go where the pros go and be assured you are getting the highest quality service available.

Why we are the Best Choice When it comes to Instrument Rentals

Repair service is at the core of this business. Owner and President Chris Tarnowski is the senior repair technician. When you call this shop, you get him on the phone directly. What you get is the customer service you deserve as well as straight talk and a great deal of knowledge from the owner himself.

We offer delivery and pickup service in your child’s school system EVERY day of the school week. If an instrument requires repair, just email or call them and they will be there. Instrument repairs are picked up, repaired and delivered either the same or following day. If the repair takes longer, your child will receive a loaner instrument. Service does not get any better than that. Just ask your school's music teacher about how reliable and quick we really are.

We offer FREE repairs due to normal use (not abuse, misuse, improper use or negligence) during the introductory rental period. For more information on this, just call them and ask. WT Music & Son encourages open dialogue between students, parents, and music instructors.

What Else Makes Them Rock More Than Others?

WT Music & Son caters their rental packages to the needs and requirements of the Westfield Public School system. They are able to do this because of high level of communication conducted with music teachers across the school system throughout the year. We strive to understand what the music programs need in order to make your children more successful in their music education.


Complete the enclosed application and your child will get everything they need to start lessons on the first day including delivery of the instrument directly to your child’s music teacher. Therefore, there is nothing extra you need to do. We make it simple for everyone! At the end of the rental period, rental credit accrued is applied from the cost of your brand name instrument. We will then apply a generous 45% discounted purchase option. WT Music & Son offers the same great free maintenance and service your child enjoys during the rental period for an additional year after your purchase and even recommend service times for your child’s instrument so you never have to think about it.


Nobody stands behind an instrument purchase like WT Music & Son. Let us show you how!!!


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